We understand that hair loss is something that can cause significant distress in men and women, it can cause a loss of confidence and be a real cause of stress for many.

What you will find here at abouthairloss.net is useful information about losing hair and why it happens, we will tell you what you can do to prevent hair loss in the first place and what treatments are available if it is already too late!

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Hair Loss Conditions

One of the first things that many people will consider when they are thinking about hair loss is whether or not it is genetic, and it is fair to say that many men will actually be expecting to lose their hair as it has happened to other men in the family. Some men will take the problem on the chin and accept the fact, while others will try and find a method to fight the condition. In order to really be able to deal with a specific condition, it is first important to look at the different conditions that can be causing the diminishing of the individual’s hair.

The loss of hair is something that will affect a significant proportion of men during their lifetime, and as men get older an increasing proportion of men will be noticeably balding. Alopecia is a term that refers to all male hair loss, but there are a number of different triggers that can be causing or accelerating the process. You will find more detailed information on hair loss conditions on the relevant page of this website, and it is important to know the cause behind the problem before choosing a suitable hair loss treatment.


There are a number of different possible solutions for those who are looking to improve their hair health and to boast the fine head of hair that so many men aspire to. Some solutions such as wigs and cosmetic hair replacement sprays will provide a solution that can be removed, while there are also hair medicines that can be taken to combat the loss of hair. The important thing is not to be taken in by those who would look to sell a ‘miracle cure’ for baldness, and to read up on the relevant information so that your hair loss can be treated in the most appropriate way.

How We Will Help

Here at abouthairloss.net we aim to provide an objective view on the real situations facing men who are losing their hair, and providing the information to help them to deal with it. We also keep up to date on the latest news and scientific breakthroughs that might provide a cure to this problem. By browsing the different parts of the site you will find a range of different aspects of hair loss are covered, from the conditions that can trigger the problem through to the treatments that can help solve the problem. Whether you are suffering hair loss after a stressful period in your life or are simply suffering the same genetic alopecia as your father and grandfather, here you will find the help and support to overcome your baldness.